Thursday, 1 September 2011

Day 08 – A show everyone should watch

Hm, this is a tough one because the world would be an incredibly boring place if we all had the same tastes, wouldn't it?

OK, rather than thinking deeply about shows I know of that would appeal to a wide range of people, I'm going to throw a bit of a curve ball:

For those of you (not that there are many people reading this!) who don't know what Count Duckula is - it's a British cartoon from the late eighties.  I am not going to pretend it's the best thing ever made but it's completely heart warming in so many ways and as the episodes are so short it's a quick and easy way to cheer up when you're down or just something to make you chuckle otherwise.

It has terrible, terrible jokes (so terrible sometimes I'm sure my dad had a hand in writing them) but they're delivered in such a way that it doesn't really matter.  Oh and Nanny going through the wall countless times will never get old.

Unsurprisingly, this isn't on any more but it is available to buy on DVD so it not being on TV just is not an excuse ;-)

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