Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 11 – A show that disappointed me

OK, does this mean a show that disappointed me in its entirety or a show that was good and then didn't live up to its earlier promise?

If it's the first question I'd have to go with The Killing, for reasons I explained here.

The answer to the second question would most likely be Glee.  The first season was really good, and the finale still has me in floods of tears every time I watch it. But the second season? Oh the second season... it was as if the writers forgot they were in the business of writing stories and characters. They thought they could do a whole season based on specials. Don't get me wrong, I loved Britney/Brittany (well the first half at least...), Rumours and Born This Way but there were just too many of them:
There was one saving grace, and it was thanks to these two:

Brittany & Santana Brittana
Brittany & Santana

But in between all the specials and the endless exposure we got to the Rachel/Finn/Quinn triangle we got basically no time for them except for Sexy, Rumours and the occasional glance. Also? We had to see Britt with the misogynist Artie for quite a lot of the season. Bleugh.

Anyway, suddenly the writers have realised that what needs developing in season 3 is the story and the characters (as if we haven't been screaming at them to do this for most of the second season). Unfortunately though they seem to be focusing on Finn and Rachel in all their press releases, as if we haven't had enough of them already! So yeah, I can see me getting even more disappointed by Glee by the end of the third season...

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