Monday, 26 September 2011

Day 20 - Favourite Kiss(es)

Well this post is going to be quite difficult. Why? Because I'd like to award it to these two:

Brittany & Santana: Glee Live in Dublin
However, I feel I can't because this happened in during the Glee Live tour and the nearest they got to kissing on Glee itself was a nuzzle.

I'm going to cheat here and name *three* favourite kisses.

Favourite kiss between a man and a woman
Brennan & Booth (Bones): 100th episode
This kiss was a major "at last" moment for me and I'm sure countless other Bones fans. It followed them telling Sweets (a psychologist who had written a book about their partnership) about their first case with each other. Booth finally couldn't hide his feelings for Brennan any more and kissed her. Unfortunately for him, and all Bones fans, Brennan said she didn't think they should be together because she didn't think she was in touch with her emotions.

Favourite kiss between two women
Tara & Willow (BtVS): The Body
Willow and Tara had been together since season 4. However, this season 5 episode was the first time they had an on screen kiss. Willow had been freaking out because Buffy's mom, Joyce, had just died. Tara then gave her a tender and loving kiss to calm her down. Although there had been some comments at the time that the only time The WB allowed the same sex couple to kiss on screen was when Willow was showing extreme emotion, I still think it stands as lovely kiss in its own right which showed how supportive Tara was of her girlfriend.
Favourite kiss between two men
Kurt & Blaine (Glee): Original Song
Blaine was introduced early on in the second season of Glee and it was obvious from the start that Kurt was smitten. It had been quite obvious to the audience that Blaine shared his feelings but he took a while to come round to our way of thinking. After watching Kurt sing 'Black Bird' in memory of Pavarotti, the Warblers' canary, Blaine was overcome with emotion and got Kurt alone with the promise of rehearsing for a duet. He then declared his love and planted a passionate kiss on Kurt's lips. This is a shining example of how inclusive Glee is.

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  1. Oh my God that Willow and Tara kiss made my heart stop when I first saw it. And it was in what I think was one of the best episodes of the show. So much emotion and it was so beautiful, the way they comforted each other in that way. Loved it!