Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 23 - Most annoying character

I'm sure in my many many years of watching TV, I have been more annoyed by a character than the one I'm going to blog about, but I can't get him out of my head, so it has to be him. Sorry Kevin McHale, but it has to be done.

glee; artie; jazz hands

Artie, Artie, Artie, whatever are we to do with you? First you have a go at Tina for faking a stutter when it was clearly for reasons of low self esteem on her part. Then you think you can get off telling her how to dress. Yes, so you come to the realisation that this isn't right. So what do you do? You don't spend any time with her over the summer and she leaves you for another. Yes, her reasoning sucked (citing abs as the reason for choosing Mike), but still.

Then what do you take from this? Rather than that you should be more attentive to future girlfriends, you decide you should try and be more of a stud and join the football team. You don't try and set up or join an existing wheelchair football team either, because that'd totally go against the Glee producers' obvious contempt for people who are actually in wheelchairs, you try to join the already existing football team for physically abled people.

Then somehow, with a little help from Santana being in denial, you get Brittany into bed. You somehow "find out", as if for the first time, that she's been to bed with most of the boys in your high school. Were you asleep when Kurt said "she [Lady Gaga] changes her look faster than Britt changes sexual partners"?

In response, you have a go at Britt for taking your virginity and go on about how important it should have been for you. Dude, she suggested it as a way to get over Tina, it was never going to be the most special experience of your life, deal with it. Also? She didn't rape you, therefore you could have said no, so your argument is null and void.

Then you tell Puck you want to get her back and I can't even deal with how much I hated how Brittana were treated by the two of you and the writers in that episode so I'm just going to glare.

You then find out the girl you're sleeping with believes in Santa. Rather than doing  either of the two of things you should have done (a) telling her the truth or (b) run for the hills because sleeping with someone who apparently has the brain of an infant just isn't right; you decide to go to great lengths to carry on her delusion.

Also? Giving a girl who is actually a truly amazing dancer a magic comb for good luck is not cool. It's not going to improve her self esteem, whereas telling her she's the best dancer you've ever seen just might.

When suddenly you realise you have functioning eyes you realise Britt's been cheating on you with Santana. Yes, that wasn't right, but that doesn't justify you having a pity party for yourself because you've lost your status symbol. Or calling her stupid for defending her best friend.

Then you sing her a song called 'Isn't She Lovely' which is actually about a baby in order to get her to take you back and go to the prom? Let me break it down for you - women don't want to be treated as if the only thing going for them is their looks, they also don't want to be infantalised.

Until you sort your misogyny out, I don't want to see you with anyone. At all. I would not wish you on anyone.

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