Friday, 25 November 2011


I've been thinking about the subject of friendship recently, about what it is and what it's not.

It's not just sharing a load of interests.
It's not just sharing a sense of humour.
It's not one person doing a lot for the other.
It's not one person refusing to take responsibility for actions that upset the other.
It's not one person refusing to let the other communicate what's bothering them.
It's not one person believing rumours about the other and consequently uninviting them to a party.
It's not one person ditching the other when someone cooler comes along.
It's not one person taking advantage of the others feelings.

Kurt Rachel Glee Hummelberry Born This Way
Kurt & Rachel - Glee
Hanna Mona PLL Hona Pretty Little Liars
Hanna & Mona - Pretty Little Liars
It's both people enjoying each others company but still having time for each other even when either of them isn't going to be good company.
It's both people being concerned when shit is going on in each others lives.
It's both people being supportive but being prepared to call it when either of them is being ridiculous.
It's both being prepared to listen when either of them is upset.
It's both people willing to communicate when either of them is upset with the other.
It's both people forgiving each other and realising an argument doesn't have to mean the end of the friendship.
It's both people getting on really well even if they have seriously different tastes.
It's both people being there through significant events in each others lives.
Kerry Abby ER
Abby & Kerry - ER
Pete Myka Warehouse 13
Pete & Myka - Warehouse 13

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