Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day 26 – OMG WTF? Season finale

Warehouse 13, for me, isn't about the gathering and neaturalising of artifacts but the interplay and relationships between each of the main characters.

The season 3 finale was no different. Although it was the conclusion of a season long arc about Walter Sykes revenge against the Warehouse, what was more important for me was development of all of the characters' arcs and the exploration of the relationships between each of them.

The relationship that was explored the most during the finale was the one between Warehouse agent Myka Bering and Helena G Wells, the real brains behind her brother's books and a Warehouse agent from the 19th century. There'd been subtext between them pretty much since their first episode together (thanks to the actresses', Jaime Murray's and Joanne Kelly's, amazing on screen chemistry), but during this episode the writers themselves seemed to acknowledge that there was something between them, giving them lines like these:
Myka, to HG after she hears HG is ready to die: You'd be gone. You'd be dead. [looks away] The price is too high.

HG: How do you say goodbye to the one person who knows you better than anyone else?
Myka: [with tears in her eyes] I wish I knew.
Sykes: You know what? Maybe I used the wrong incentive. [forces HG to grab Myka and put her in the chair for the chess lock]. Now there's something in the chair you care about, maybe your memory will come back.

Myka: You're not the bad guy, OK, I believed in you and I was right. So, get off your cross and help me figure this out.

HG: It was the only way I could think to save you [staring straight at Myka].

Other highlights for me were Claudia trying to convince Artie she wasn't doing anything she wasn't meant to, Pete showing he can be just as analytical as Myka when he puts his mind to it and Steve having a heart to heart with Claudia in the woods.

The first part of the finale had everything, double crossings, twists in the tale and a much loved character dying.

In the second part, Sykes's plan becomes clearer and he makes his way into the warehouse to retrieve what he believes is rightfully his, Collodi’s Bracelet, but not without the callous dispatching of yet another of his henchmen. Sykes himself is killed off and the warehouse agents all think they're now safe. However there are still 10 minutes left of the finale, so something must be coming up, right?

Right, and what follows is the destruction of the warehouse that gave the series it's name and a superb act of selfless love from HG in an attempt to save the others. As the countdown to destruction ticks away and Artie and Pete try to persuade HG that she needs to be saved too, Myka and HG stare into each others eyes, Myka with shocked admiration and HG with acceptance and relief that Myka will make it.

HG managed to save the 3 agents, but the Warehouse was completely destroyed and Mrs Frederic, who was linked to the warehouse died too.

Just writing this I can feel the excitement and anticipation for what season 4 could bring. Which, of course, is what every good season finale should do.

Dare I say it? Best.season finale.ever.

PS For a better write up, see Dorothy Snarker's blog.

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